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Xavier Dujardin

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Xavier DUJARDIN is a young 44 years old man...who has a long experience in performing art and creation.He dicedide in 2003 to change of scene and create the same year his own company.

Independent actor and producer, he juggle since 15 years between his artistic career as actor ( theater,advertising,radio,television,improvisation and cinema) and his position as manager from Art Maniacv Production SPRL who organize events and Art Mania ASBL who organize entertainments. Xavier DUJARDIN who loves having fun has always made his job conscientiously.

Now at the end of the ADAC situation that he managed as "crisis director" he moves again to new projects: filming,events,architectural projects,shows,cultural editor for the print media and audio-visual ( programs: 50 degrés Nord,magazines as LOBBY or TELL ME...)

For him the end of an adventure is the beginning of a new one.

He's holder of an academic diploma and a long artistic training (graduaded in law and journalism and has a real estate degree).His first goal in life is to realize his dreams.

Reserve officer in the interforce,he also travelled a lot for the Belgian army.

His greatest joy in life was the birth of his daughter Amandine ( 19082001).Attached to his family loves being with them but also with his friends.

Always looking for new things and naturally positive in his life, he believes in his lucky star.But with a little sense of work...of course !